Hip Hop Webisode I can rent for $1.99 and watch online – expires Nov. 6 – and comes with free download too

This is for all you hip hop heads and rap fanatics. I just downloaded this crazy thing called a “Webisode”. What I’m really feelin about it is you can check out unseen interviews with artists like Jim Jones who as we all know is Dip set by default. But he’s on these things. They also put 50 and members of Gunit on the same footage they have Ja Rule (I was wondering what he was up to). Other footage with Trey Songz, Prodigy (Mobb Deep), my man Freeway and Hurricane and Beenie Man plus Styles P was on there with D-Blok. I’m gonna go see them in Elmhurst Queens on Nov. 7. There was a lot more on there too.

Webisode 1

Webisode 1

It was interesting , Cassidy at a listening party with Swizz Beats, DJ Enuff and 112. also that new rapper 50 Cent whose got Hot Rod comin’ out… they had a party going on at the Playboy Mansion with the bunnies and all.

There were kewl features on hip hop and urban fashion – from New Fads, Kashi Kicks (which damn they are hot!) as well as Stall and Dean and Rucker.

These Webisodes are kinda like a combination of a DVD and Netflix, but you watch it on your computer. You get it for 7 – 10 days and then you don’t have to return anything – longer than Blockbuster or pay per view, cheaper too. Like a DVD you pick the sections you wanna watch, the only thing for me was that it’s got an expiration date. This one expires Nov. 6, but they have other ones too. I paid 1.99 for it and it was definitely worth it. Plus you get a free download so you get a lot for your buck 99 and get stuff you don’t see anywhere else. Download picks were D-BOYZ ft. LIL’ WAYNE – It’s Your Money (Dope Money), BOO – Floss or MJG ft. ALFAMEGA – GANGSTA GANGSTA.

Check out a preview at:


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