Top 10 CD List

There’s a lot of Top 10 CD Lists out there, but Taylor Spear’s Top 10 CD List is VERY different than the others you’ll find elsewhere on the internet. It’s not about the commercial top 10 (like what’s selling the most at stores like Best Buy or Wal-Mart to the masses). It’s about what people of different genders, different age groups and different musical tastes, are bound to enjoy. You’ll find recommendations for kids (broken down by age), boys, girls, teens, men and women. They break it down by musical tastes – if the person you are buying it for likes Adult Contemporary, Alternative Rock, Ambient, Americana, Avant-Garde, Blues, Cajun, Celtic, Children’s, Christian, Classic Rock, Classical, Comedy, Country, Dance/Club, Easy Listening, Electronic, Environmental, Experimental, Folk/Bluegrass, Gay, Gospel, Goth & Industrial, Hip-Hop, Holiday, Indie Rock, Jambands, Jazz (Classical, Contemporary or Latin), Karaoke, Latin, Metal, New Age, Old Skool, Oldies, Opera, Pop, Punk & Hardcore, R & B, Rap, Reggae, Rock, Soul, Sound Effects, Soundtracks, Southern Rock, Spoken Word, Vinyl, Vocal, Women’s or World Music – well it gives you recommendations based on these tastes as well. It also tells you what other bands that person may listen to, to help guide you to the right gift for the right musical tastes.

Taylor Spears also has a blog where you can check out their Top 10 CD, DVD & DOWNLOAD Lists, all in one place at

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