Great Tip for Guitar players

Check this story – I swear, it’s the only guitar case you’ll ever need-RB Continental
I have to tell you about this RB Continental guitar case I recently bought. It’s pretty amazing. I can literally pack everything I need for an overnight night gig in this case and not even need any other luggage. I was traveling to Grand Junction, CO from San Francisco for a gig. I arrived at the US Airways baggage check-in in Oakland and (reluctantly) handed over my RB Continental case, with an Epiphone Dot Studio guitar inside, to the airline.

The flight there was about the worst ever, the turbulence was scary as there were storms lined up the whole way. Then, if that wasn’t enough, I had to hop on a 2 propeller prop job for the final leg to GJ. It had been a number of years since I’d had the pleasure to fly on one of those and I’d forgotten just how much “fun” they can be.

Upon landing I headed to baggage claim. Here comes my RB case down the carousel – with nervous anticipation I slowly opened the case and voila! There was the Dot in perfect condition. Not a scratch, dent, ding or blemish of any kind. Truly amazing.

In fact Reunion Blues even threw this case off of a 3 story building (video). If your guitar has to be subjected to the whim and whimsy of airline baggage handlers you can at least have some peace of mind knowing that it’s ensconced safely in a killer case. It’s the only case I’ll ever need, they last forever and the RB Continental won’t break the bank either! Click here to locate the closest dealer with it in stock (they sell out fast!)

Laptop, cables, backpack straps and more!

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