Get this music to bring with you to your Spa, if you’re tired of falling asleep there as I am…

Serene and tranquil, Paul Avgerinos music has the ability to relax you completely without putting you to sleep! It enhanced my spa experience greatly. This music gives me energy and a feeling of peacefulness…now that’s the music they should play instead of that generic stuff!

The one thing that makes me not want to go to the spa, or for a massage is that they always play that same music with the waves and the seagulls. Yes, it’s nice to that it puts you to sleep but I didn’t go there to SLEEP in the middle of the day! When I leave, my day is shot as I’m so exhausted I can barely drive myself home!

So, I set out on a journey to find music that is calming and peaceful, without being TIRING and I found just that with Paul Avgerinos’ “Love”.
You can hear some tracks & get the CD here:

Get Downloads here:

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