Left Standing- Rock Sensation From Las Vegas Releases New Album “A Brand New Day”

The alternative rock band “Left Standing” has no problem creating vibrant and memorable rock songs. The quintet’s latest full- length CD, “A Brand new Day” is full of infectious sing-along choruses, soaring guitar melodies and fist pumping rhythms.
Rising from the bright lights of Las Vegas, the band is assembled by determination, motivation, and the love of music, never compromising their art by trying to fit into somebody else’s format. “We set out to make music we enjoy and can feel proud of”. Listening to songs such as the heart-on-sleeve ballad “Jeremy,” the righteous “32 Years” and the anthemic title track, “A Brand New Day” Left Standing’s songs feel familiar from the first listen because the songwriting is so good, but with radio-ready fare like “A Brand New Day” balanced with hard-charging numbers such as opening track “Revolution”. Left Standing will have you shouting along to the high heavens before you even have a chance to question why or how.
Onstage, they are five very talented musicians on a mission to entertain their audience. Each member is driven by different influences, but together, the band transforms into one energy. The performance and sound production of the guitars, bass and drums are first-rate. Left Standing is a band that knows no boundaries.
You can listen to them at Whotune.com where the Band recently competed with 125 other bands and won the Whotune.com music competition, raking in the #1 Grand Prize. You can get their digital EP download on their website at:


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