Check out the new sound of the Jane Smith Band for fans who like John Mayer, Train or the Dave Matthews Band

As a fan of adult contemporary and alternative rock, I found some amazing artists in the Jane Smith Band out of England. They play a blend of beautifully crafted songs in a classic vein. Their new single, See the Truth, just came out on September 20, 2010 and is available for download. Take a listen to it and see what you think:

If you like John Mayer, Bryan Adams, Train, Dave Matthews Band, or Coldplay, you’ll love the Jane Smith Band. The Singer, Nick Barclay, has a unique voice that some have compared to the great singers Steve Marriot and Paul Carrack. But Nick says that making a connection with the audience is all that matters.

The band was formed by singer songwriter Nick Barclay, Kev Willison and Paul Bowman and joined by Kevin Powell on bass, Nathan Ariss on keyboards, and more recently Ronnie Douglas on guitar. Their songs are mature, thoughtful, and inspiring and when I have a bad day they really lift me up. The band writes about personal life moments and reflects upon normal every day people’s lives in a positive way. They find it is important to send the message that one can overcome difficult times and look forward to the future with hope.

You can listen to their debut single, See the Truth, on


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