Pioneer Online Marketing Expert Lectures at UCLA & Loyola Marymount University

President and CEO of Web ‘n Retail (a division of Rock ‘n Retail, llc), Gale Rosenberg, has been a regular lecturer and coach since 2009 at both UCLA Extension and Loyola Marymount University. She lectures on Viral Marketing to Business Students.  She is now available for academic and Corporate lectures, and as a Coach for individuals, businesses and schools.


Coaching sessions include hands-on labs where students generate real viral results for a particular product or project they are marketing.  “I walk them through administering a campaign where they will wind up on the front page of Google and in front of millions of targeted customers.  They learn how to target their market, how/where to blog to reach the highest number of targeted customers, how to build and deliver successful online PR campaigns, how to build HTML eblasts, create eblast mail lists, send eblasts and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)” says Rosenberg.


“Gale Rosenberg is on the cutting edge of online promotion.  Her presentation is comprehensive and informative.  She is one of the best viral promotion people in the business.”


–  Professor John Hartmann, School of Film & Television, UCLA Extension


Rosenberg is available as a solo lecturer or in tandem with Professor John Hartmann.


View the Lecture and Coaching Outline!viewstack3=coach

Visit the website here

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