The Museum of Modern Art offers New York restaurants almost as indulgent as its art

In a Moveable Feast, Hemingway wrote about the discipline of hunger. While touring the Luxembourg Museum in Paris he preferred to admire Cézanne’s work “belly empty”.The young author explained that when hungry “all the paintings were sharpened and clearer andmore beautiful”. Just like their sophisticated travelers, Carnet also strives to get the most out of our museum visits. However, while we are frequenting the impressive museums of New York, we recommend avoiding hunger for too long and definitely not viewing Wayne Thiebaud’s “Boston Cremes” at MoMA on an empty stomach. To ensure our readers delight, Carnet has spotlighted some of the best museum restaurants, cafés and bars.

The Modern at MoMa is must for all gourmands! Chef Gabriel Kreuther creates a dynamic blend of French and American contemporary cuisine—combining offal and seafood dishes. Foodies must try the Loup de Mer Soufflé and The Long Island Duck Foie Gras Ravioli. Seasonal tasting menus are available and reflect Kreuther’s Alsatian roots.

The Bar Room—perfect for a light meal—especially lunch, has over 30 savory dishes served as small and large plates. A hand-selected international wine list features more than 900 selections, including wines by-the-glass and savory cocktails. For dedicated vinters, there are sumptuous desserts (try the Lemon Napoleon or Warm Fig Tart in a Balsamic Reduction with Olive Oil Ice Cream) are made by pastry chef Marc Aumont.

Visit for more great restaurants in New York.

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