Tour The Best of London With Expert Travel Guide From

The amount of sites that offer travel advice, other sites for restaurant advice, and others for shopping recommendations is overwhelming, which is definitely something I dealt with while planning my trip to London this summer.After all I only had 5 days there and I had already invested more than that trying to decide what my best bets would be.  And what was I gonna do?  Carry around a binder with divider tabs as to options I picked out?  And then go to google to map them just to find out I could never cover that much ground in 5 days?  I was getting really frustrated.

Then, I stumbled upon a site that has it all, and maps it all for you – even if you want to stay (ie) within walking distance of your hotel – or find a hotel to stay at because it has a walking area that will fill your itinerary.  Their anonymous reviewers critique Hotels, Restaurants, Museums, Awesome Adventures, Up-Scale Shopping, Women’s Fashion, Men’s Fashion, Jewelry Shopping, Beauty & Fitness, Kids stuff and more.

Pick your favorites, your personal TravelWithCarnet guide will map them out on a color map you can print, or you can send the info to your smart phone and away you go!

Check out for more tips on experiencing London (or  ).

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