Milan Travel Guide – Attractions, Accommodations, Sightseeing And Hidden Gems For Your Itinerary At Travel With Carnet . Com


I have never been to Italy before and this summer my trip starts in Milan.  I wasn’t really keen on signing up for a guided type tour – I’m more the wandering type of tourist that likes to explore and seek out unusual hidden treasures – whether it be shopping, dining, quaint hotels, museums, tea houses, whatever.


Yes, I know what you are thinking – how do you find these hidden gems?  Well the first hidden gem I found was a site called that has it all, and maps it all for you – even if you want to stay (ie) within walking distance of your hotel.


Their reviews are concise and they are not compensated by the Vendors they review so they are also unbiased.  I feel pretty good about that.  So, I just look for the categories of places I want to visit (restaurant, shopping, museum) select which location and send it my SmartPhone.  I particularly like that you get the option of walking, taking a taxi or taking a pedicab (do they have those there?) I could print it out, but by sending it to the phone I can make last minute changes if I meet some locals or tourists who recommend “must see” additions to my itinerary.  Check it out!


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