On the rare occasion that I get time to go out with my friends, one of them had the most amazing looking skin, like it was airbrushed. When I asked what she was using she started laughing because she said that she wasn’t even wearing make up!   All she uses is a soap called Swell and an occasional droplet of Swell Sea Buckthorn Oil. She said it replaced her wrinkle cream, blemish cover and often her makeup.

As a working mom, I enjoy having some routine in my hectic schedule, especially with my make-up. One of my pet peeves is when I get used to a cosmetic and they stop making it. I had been using a combo skin foundation/illuminator at $10 a tube that lasted about 3 months. It was for the perfect price, and perfect brand but then it was discontinued. I found some on Ebay and stocked up on 5 tubes costing $38 each. Once those were gone, in rapid speed I may add, I went back on Ebay to find that the cost had risen to over a $100 a tube! So I began the search to find a new make-up routine.

I couldn’t find any single product like the one I had used so I ordered it at for $49 which may seem high but isn’t when you consider that the bar lasts a year, and you don’t need to use the oil everyday. While I haven’t sworn off makeup altogether, unlike prior to using SwellSkin, I wouldn’t go out without makeup, and now it ‘s no sweat!

Fighting Common Skin Disorder and Get Beautiful Skin for Busy Moms

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