My On The Go Travel Advisor For Things To Do In New York


New York is my favorite place to visit. When I’m in NY, I use Carnet guide as my on the go travel advisor for things to do. I’m planning a trip to New York over the Christmas and New Year holiday and I want to check out these recommendations:

Aureole’s Bar Room at Midtown West | Seafood Dining

The front room of Charlie Palmer’s restaurant, Aureole is actually a bar; although the style is casual-chic. The high-ceilings and festive decor is dominated by a wall of wine.  Cuisine includes asian-inspired dishes such as caramelized sea scallops in miso and fennel tofu puree and shrimp with coconut, lemongrass and asian pear.

I was looking for this restaurant in New York that I read about last year after the Michelin guide came out. I searched everywhere for it online and found it on the Carnet site. I saved it to my trip planner and will take it with me on the next trip. I also learned that I could even eat at a few bars in the city without sacrificing on the menu quality; this location being one of them. They had some good ideas that made being alone in Manhattan perfectly bearable.

The Carnet events section is helpful for getting a VIP experience and knowing best details on how to get tickets, attend and not get overwhelmed by large crowds, such as:

Christmas Tree Lightings on Upper East Side | Midtown | Downtown

During November and December, the city is full of events and attractions that must be booked in advance with the exception of visiting the Christmas tree lightings, which is a spectacle unto itself and is a great reason to take a break and sip hot cocoa.

Vienna Boys Choir at Carnegie Hall | Midtown Manhattan

This one night performance of the boys choir from Vienna is a must see. Their angelic voices and melodic technique will fill the red velvet auditorium at Carnegie Hall on Sunday Dec. 16 at 2 pm.

We also use the Carnet Guide for New York Travel and Tours on foot, of the city’s best neighborhoods

Check out the free New York guide here

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