Carnet is the modern luxury guide for culture rich London travel like attending Covent Garden’s dinner and theater


This is the ultimate trip planner because the travel advisors at Carnet focus on giving the most up to date and modern luxury guides. Who doesn’t want to travel luxuriously? London is a city trip that is culture rich with arts, events, luxury shopping and hotels. Carnet gives the best travel guide for the most popular and famous attractions in London.

Dinner and theater at Covent Garden | Joel Robuchon
Covent Garden has quite a few theater performances worth buying advance tickets for. Whether for lunch or a pre-fix dinner in the evening, Joel Robuchon is one of our favorite Michelin star chefs serving at his namesake restaurant in Covent Garden. Enjoy quick bites served tapas style or a French inspired tasting menu.

Antiques for collectors Kensington Church Street | Interior Decoration
There is a plethora of shopping boutiques for antique lovers on Kensington Church Street. Take this scenic walk up this windy stretch located near the gates of Kensington Palace for an afternoon filled with traditional ideas and inspiration to bring a little UK style to your interior decoration.

Tour popular attractions like Tower of London |  London Bridge | St Paul’s Cathedral   
Your London trip will not be complete without a day trip to view the best known London attractions, the Tower of London, London Bridge and St Paul’s Cathedral. These three culture monuments are not located in the heart of London. An eager tourist can however combine them into a full day excursion and take a taxi to the Savoy Hotel and dine on traditional British roast beef at Simpson’s on the Strand. Remember the London Eye is simply a Ferris wheel which can be perfect for a visit to London with kids.

To make sure that you see and experience the best when you are planning a trip London, you have to check out what Carnet has to offer. They are the definition of luxury, and have booked me with the finest hotels, city guides and tours of the different destinations I have traveled to. They focus on making trips special, comfortable, and easy for the luxury traveler.

The London Olympics may be over, but the excitement that is London will never fade.  There is a chance to tour the different art painting museums, other cultural events, and even take in the scenery of the Palace that holds the most famous royal family.  For anyone planning a trip to London, travel with the help of the guides at Carnet.

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