Used Carnet Trip Planner Online To Reserve Famous Restaurant In LA Where Great Food, La Chefs And Star Sighting Are Part Of Editor Picks For Travel To LA


The last trip planner I used for Los Angeles completely left out hotspots like Mr. Chow, Tower Bar and The Palm. This time I saved Carnet’s Los Angeles suggested itineraries to my TravelCarnet on my mobile phone. The insider addresses I get with the Carnet guide really help me feel like I am staying on top of the best places to have a business dinner or culinary experience. The guide suggests:

–   Mr. Chow, a go to for celebs and their agents for gourmet classic Chinese cuisine

–  Madeo is a hidden gem that keeps well known actors and today’s young stars craving for their Italian menu with classic service and old Hollywood style

–  Foodies will love Animal, a Hollywood cool meat lover’s eatery where offal and delicacies are served to today’s hottest stars

–  La Boheme, a French inspired bistro has been a go-to for Parisian classics alongside the entertainment industry’s who’s who


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My city trip to Los Angeles was complete with my Carnet itinerary to view art paintings, galleries and attractions that were highly cultural. I visited modern galleries, modern art museums, art deco architecture and even some of the masters. The Carnet guide was a great travel advisor that recommended interesting things to do in LA that would please a lot of different personalities.


I also used Carnet to find an excellent list of tourism ideas. The Carnet LA guide has a best list of modern luxury picks and the tourism guide led me to the best galleries where I bought a few pieces of art. Their lunch recommendation was for a restaurant with an insider address – there wasn’t even a sign or number on the front of the building! I had the best sushi prepared by a Master Chef who used to work under Urisawa.


Many people are unaware that Los Angeles boasts a great culinary scene with superb restaurants and dining rooms that are as elegant as those found in the best restaurants in Europe. Use the online travel app for what to do and see and where to go for your luxe Los Angeles vacation. Create a free login and you can save your favorite places into a custom travel map using the TravelCarnet trip builder.

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