Eric Dill Shoots to Number 1 Indianapolis Band on Reverbnation and Delights Fans with Appearance on CBS ’s Indy Style


I read in an Indy Star article a few weeks ago that one of my favorite rock artists, Eric Dill, was looking to put together a new backing band.  I just saw Eric’s appearance on WISHTV8’s Indy Style this Monday and he’s already assembled a new band.  I can’t believe they’ve only been together for a few weeks because they sounded really tight!  The band performed a full electric band set of “In My Head” and “War with the Wolves.”  Eric released his new single “In My Head” to national radio stations on the same day, January 14th.  Eric is currently making a music video for “In My Head,” but offered a sneak peak at the video during his Indy Style appearance.  You can check it out here!

An Indianapolis native and platinum singer/songwriter, Eric returned home from Hollywood with a radio-ready full-length album.  He’s currently ranking as the #1 band in Indianapolis on Reverbnation.  Parting from The Click Five in 2006, Dill has focused on his solo career. One of Eric Dill’s collaborations includes the platinum song “No Surprise” by Chris Daughtry (American Idol) which was co-written with Dill.  Not only did he receive a Platinum Album Award but also two BMI Pop Awards in 2010.  With his solo career in full swing, Eric Dill’s first single off his first full length solo album, Forever is Not Enough, is charting at #37 on Billboard’s Top 40 indicator chart. 

Eric Dill incorporates his unique style, experiences, and personal views in his music. Dill stated, “It was a priority for me to get this record done right…If I die tomorrow, I’ve got to have something that speaks to what I love about music.”  If you want to find out more about Eric Dill, you can check out his interview with Indy Star here and his interview with Indianapolis Monthly here.

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