The Travel Guide by Carnet is Where Business Travelers Turn to Know What It’s Like to Travel to Paris with Knowledge, Taste and Style


I always check out For the Ladies, a magazine by my favorite travel guide, Travel with Carnet, when I’m creating my business travel itinerary to one of the world’s cultural capitals like Paris, France.  I stay on top of luxury fashion with shopping news, store openings, designer flagships, couture exhibits, and shopping tips. When it comes to staying beautiful and glamorous, Carnet keeps me posted about the newest beauty treatments and secrets from the most luxurious spas and salons around the world. 

From high fashion to effortless weekend trips, For the Ladies Magazine ensures that there’s always a way to travel in style.  My favorite articles include “A Guide to Vintage Shopping in London,” “All that Glitters: Travel in Style,” and “Beauty on the Go.”  Carnet’s articles and suggestions are always helpful, cultural, and luxurious. 

Other Carnet Magazines include Reservation Required, Culturally Inclined, Gourmet Table, Finer Things, and Gentlemens-Corner.  I get the best luxury lifestyle news, travel reviews, and information about my favorite cities to visit from my preferred travel guide, so I always know where to find the best dinging, lodging, and events. 

If you’d like to be in-the-know about modern luxury and travel news, visit Travel with Carnet.

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