Gypsy Jazz Vocalist Delilah, Influenced by Barbra Streisand, Creates Enchanting Music to Listen To


Who doesn’t want a “Sweeter Life?” With timeless vocals reminiscent of legendary jazz artists, Delilah sings from her enchanted Gypsy soul spinning tales and delivering the history of the Roma in the modern world with the release of “Sweeter Life.”  While Delilah draws inspiration from her Gypsy heritage, she is also heavily influenced by the jazz greats including Barbra Streisand.

In a recent interview with, Delilah was asked to identify the biggest influence in her life that has helped her to get to where she is now in her career.  In response, Delilah stated, “That would have to be Barbra Streisand. I have been listening to her beautiful voice since I was a child. For me her voice is magical, emotive and full of feeling. That has been my greatest influence, the incomparable Barbra Streisand.”  See the full interview here

The heavy-hitting producers on “Sweeter Life” include Vikter Duplaix, Marcus Kane, Rane Parish, Lemoyne Alexander, and Dave Sereny.  Featured artists on the CD include the Stevie Wonder rhythm section of Nathan Watts and Stanley Randolph.  You’ll definitely want to hear this album if you’re a fan of jazz artists similar to Natalie Cole and Nancy Wilson.  To listen to, download, or order the album, visit iTunes or Amazon.

You can connect with Delilah on Facebook and ReverbNation.


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