Hip Video Promo ‘s Expertise in Music Video Marketing Will Promote Your Music Video and Get it Seen Around the Nation!


Hip Video has specialized in music video promotion for over 13 years and with their expertise, they will promote your video and get it seen around the nation. This arena is not something to try to do yourself…leave the music video marketing to the pros!

Hip Video’s many years in the business have earned them close relationships with the video programmers at the national outlets (MTV, VH1, Much Music, Music Choice, Havoc TV, Video-on-Demand, etc.), which is exactly what you need to get your videos aired there.

There are great opportunities for exposure beyond the large national outlets, and Hip video works them all to secure videoplays on regional and local video tv/cable shows: lifestyle video pools (outlets that provide in-store music videos to nightlife locations, shopping malls, retailers, fitness centers, restaurants, etc.), nightclubs, high profile Internet outlets and popular blogs.

Successful music video campaigns require massive attention to detail (correct labeling, closed captioning, submission forms, digital delivery, DMDS, etc.) plus relationships with the Programmers.  Hip Video does all necessary homework, writes a professional and compelling one sheet to accompany the campaign, and actively and enthusiastically pitches the artist and video to their long-standing relationships all throughout the music video programming community.  To see what Hip Video can do for you, check out their list of services here.

They’ve worked with an impressive roster of clients including The Lumineers, Bon Iver, Motley Crue, The B-52’s, and many more.  The question isn’t who have they worked with, it’s really who haven’t they worked with!  You can see their list of clients here.  While their roster includes well-known acts, Hip Video is also committed to working with independent artists and labels because they are just as important.

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