Have You Seen These Outrageous Ghost Stories? Watch the Free Videos on Youtube and See for Yourself


Mark Victor Productions’ Paranormal TV provides users with free movies and short films about everything paranormal. Whether you are looking for videos about ghosts, aliens, vampires, psychics or even Bigfoot, Paranormal TV covers it.

“The Best Ghost Cases Ever Told,” a YouTube film with over 1,000,000 views gives an in-depth look into some of the most well documented sightings of ghosts. Along with showing you actual footage of these cases, the film has interviews with scientists, computer imaging experts and eyewitnesses of the specific cases in order to better understand exactly what it is you are seeing. Are these so-called ghost sightings simply camera tricks or actual human spirits being caught on film? You be the judge after watching “The Best Ghost Cases Ever Told.”

Another short film on the Paranormal TV channel is “Native American Spirits – Ghost Dance Movement.” This video looks at what the Native Americans believe when it comes to human spirits and the afterlife. According to the Native Americans, spirits are very different from ghosts. This video shows their specific believes on how different spirits are from the corrupted personalities of a ghost.

You can watch the film “The Best Ghost Cases Ever Told” here and the video for “Native American Spirits – Ghost Dance Movement” here.

Be sure to check out their YouTube Channel short films and their free movies. You can also connect on their Twitter, their Facebook, and their Website.

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