These UFO Sightings are Unbelievable! Can Aliens Really Abduct us at Anytime? Check out These Videos and Find Out!

UFO sightings and alien abductions have become such a huge phenomenon in our culture! Most notably popularized by the sightings and wreckage found in Roswell, many people have become believers.  You can watch some of the best UFO sightings and abduction stories on Paranormal TV’s channel on YouTube. Mark Victor Productions’ Paranormal TV (screenplay writer for Poltergeist) provides users with free movies and short films about everything paranormal. Whether you are looking for videos about ghosts, aliens, vampires, psychics or even Bigfoot, Paranormal TV covers it.

The first video is a free movie that captures the best UFO sightings on film so you can see it with your own two eyes and decide whether you are a skeptic or a believer. See for yourself here at: You should also watch Part 1 of the abduction of Travis Walton, a three decade long mystery, to hear a first hand experience of alien encounters here:

Be sure to check out Paranormal TV’s YouTube Channel short films here: and their free movies here: You can also connect on their Twitter here:, their Facebook here: and their Website here:

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