Feel Like The Government Is Hiding The Existence of Aliens? Come Check Out Paranormal TV’s Free YouTube Movie, “Evidence We Are Not Alone”


Do you trust your government? What if they were hiding proof of UFOs and even aliens for years. Watch this unique YouTube video by Paranormal TV based on thousands of pages of declassified documents, including  testimonies of ex-US Officials.

Watch it here You won’t believe your eyes.

The human side of wonderfully strange stories fuels Paranormal TV. Their breadth of factual content provides the truth about Aliens and UFOs.

Their video, “The Secret: Evidence We Are Not Alone” covers an analysis of US officials and UFO/aliens expert, with the content of thousands of pages of de-classified documents. These stories are based on real facts and are proven in this video. Learn about a group called “The Majestic 12”, a scientific team working directly for the government with the aim to establish a contact with aliens.This video will illuminate a subject that the government is trying to conceal.

Be sure to check out ParanormalTV’s YouTube Channel short films and their free movies. You can also connect on their Twitter  and their Facebook

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