Alien Believers! Paranormal TV Presents its Free Youtube Video about Alien Encounters and Abductions


Do you believe in alien encounters and abductions? You are not alone! Since Ancient time, humans have wondered if somewhere up there, some other beings might be looking back. Watch this free Youtube video of Paranormal TV’s “Alien Encounter – UFO’s and Alien Abduction” and decide for yourself.

Scientists discovery of new planets and the possibility of life on Mars have brought us to the cutting edge of discovery of intelligent life elsewhere in the universe! Aliens were once the soul imagination of Hollywood’s Sci-Fi and Horror Productions. However today, we might find extra terrestrial life which could be quite different from our fantasies. If it turns that there is intelligent life, our little World might never been the same.Watch it here and judge for yourself!

Paranormal TV has full length movies by Mark Victor (who is the screenplay writer of Poltergeist) available on YouTube.  The topics range anywhere from Ghost to alien encounters. Be sure to check out their short films and their free movies. You can also connect on their Twitter, their Facebook, and their official website at

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