Attend a Music Production School in Los Angeles! The Fall Enrollment Deadline for Los Angeles College of Music Is April 14th!


Do you want to take your passion for music to the next level? L.A. based music production school Los Angeles College of Music (LACM), formerly LAMA, offers an amazing music producing and recording program! LACM offers one-of-a-kind programs for performers, producers, and songwriters too. This is an amazing opportunity to meet and work with peers that share your same interests. The deadline for fall enrollment is April 14th, so make sure to apply now!

The Music Producing & Recording Program is unique in the sense that LACM treats production as a skill set, much like guitar or vocal proficiency would normally be viewed. This means that the program covers a tremendous amount of ground in a short time, touching many areas that other programs simply do not, such as instrumental training. The advantage to this instrumental background is that you’ll be able to communicate with musicians more effectively – and you’ll be more prepared than many of your peers to steer a production in the right direction. As a music producer in the modern world, you must know how to handle dozens of tasks that used to be handled by a number of different people. You must have strong engineering and mic technique, basic songwriting and composition, studio upkeep and basic room design, interpersonal communication skills, strong musical computer skills, and financial knowledge in your personal toolbox. LACM teaches all of that in the program and more. Plus, you’ll earn your Pro Tools Certification as a part of the program, so that certainly won’t hurt your chances of getting work!

You can keep up with LACM on their website at: You can also check LACM on their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Reverbnation, Youtube and their Google+.

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