Track One AB

Track One AB


This record came to us from Royalty Records in Canada – waaaaaaaayyyy back when! We had worked a couple of their other records. Thought maybe there was a big band record we worked for them, but don’t see that on their website.

Their music was awesome. Apparently Amazon’s customers agree – here’s a couple reviews:

track one a/b are better than gold bonds medicated powder

“i like to jump around to music and track one a/b makes me jump off rooftops and into puddles, Dean Midulla’s bass playing is reminds me of john entwhistle from the who in the early days…i think christian carpenter their percussionist should sing more. Mr.C the lead singer whines and dines you too much,i thinj he wants me. overall my favorite cuts were Rooftops and puddles and she’s knows my friends..”

Engaging rock from songs one threw six; love thereafter

“I’ve never heard a sexier lead vocalist. The drummer is awesome, especially his lion’s mane. I wish there was more percussion, but that’s what happens when you have a KISS-influenced A&R guy pulling the strings. “31RZHQ6FPBL


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