Watch Free Videos on the History of the Satanic Number 666 and See What Head Catholic Exorcist Has to Say

ParanormalTV logo on YouTube

For those who are interested in Satanic legends and exorcism, you need to watch these two videos. The first video is a free movie titled “666 Revealed – Evidence for the presence of Satan”. It takes a closer look at the history of the Satanic number and the existing evidence for the presence of Satan. You can watch it for free here.

The second video is an interview with Head Catholic Exorcist Father Albacete in which he discusses his profession and his experiences with the posessed. Watch the video , “Head Catholic Exorcist – Interview of Father Albacete

Mark Victor Productions’ Paranormal TV, the screenplay writer for Poltergeist, provides users with free movies and short films about everything paranormal. Whether you are looking for videos about ghosts, aliens, vampires, psychics or even Bigfoot, Paranormal TV covers it. Check out YouTube Channel short films and their free movies. You can also connect on their Twitter, their Facebook and their Website.

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