Mitch Dalton & The Studio Kings

Mitch Dalton & The Studio Kings

#Mitch Dalton

This is a great record of well known jazz sessionists (Regius Records)  playing together at a recording studio in London. They do their own takes on Steely Dan and some originals.  See the video here:

Here’s what the critics are saying:

“Meet Mitch Dalton & The Studio Kings is a little gem.  More akin to a major label US offering…..A real find. Nice material, flawless production and sizzling talent.  STYLE with a capital S.”

–  Blues And Soul Magazine, Issue 1052, April 2012


“London’s recording studios contain superslick players who not only take a worthy jazz solo but also sight read anything. Take Mitch Dalton, Britain’s answer to LA guitar tsars……they strike a nimble groove and demonstrate the right way to re-harmonise standards.”

London Evening Standard, CD OF THE WEEK, May 2012

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