Duffy Kane (Dead Man Walkin’)

Duffy Kane

We are in the early stages of working on his new release Dead Man Walkin’ (released 10-7-14) for which we are handling his traditional and online PR (TV, Print/online).  While I’m embarrassed to say I’d never heard of this guy before – he is one of the most amazing guitar players I’ve ever heard.  He’s right up there with the best of the virtuoso guitar players.  He even makes his own guitars!  Take a listen to this!!

For more on Duffy Kane, visit his official website here:http://bit.ly/duffysite, Facebook here:http://bit.ly/duffyfacebook and his official YouTube page here: http://bit.ly/duffyyoutube.
Dead Man Walkin’ is available on iTunes athttps://itunes.apple.com/us/album/dead-man-walkin/id922278179 and    Amazon athttp://www.amazon.com/Dead-Man-Walkin-Duffy-Kane/dp/B00NUPWHV2 as of release date,  October 7, 2014.

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