Top Indie Rock Duo The Bergamot Brings A New World Sound That Feist Fans Have Been Looking For

Top Indie Rock duo The Bergamot brings a new world sound that Feist fans have been looking for in the past few years, a sound that is bound to capture new listeners from the start. This duo is guaranteed to make you fall head over heels for their lyrics that come from the heart and their music that will find a permanent place in your ears while digging their way deep into your soul. The uplifting beats and touching melodies coupled with the wonderful voices of The Bergamot make you a believer that true artistry still exists and will definitely make you a fan of the indie rock genre. Their new single, “Forget About Tomorrow” is a perfect example of how their love of music, songwriting and performing has no bounds and that they produce music that really speaks to the listener. They are absolutely one of the best duo’s out there and fans of artists like Feist will not be disappointed. Their songs showcase life experiences that transcend feelings, emotions or even lifetimes; a collection of these powerful moments is showcased in their new album “Tones”.

You can purchase “Forget About Tomorrow” on iTunes. To stay informed about whats going with The Bergamot, visit them on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. You can also check out their official website


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