Established Classic Rock Artist Rhett May Is On Track To Take The Music Industry By Storm

Established Classic Rock artist Rhett May is on track to take the music industry by storm! Rhett May brings an infusion of culture and sound to the table like no other rock artist before him. His musical influences stretch as far back as his boyhood years growing up in India, where he was given the unique opportunity to blend his native sound with Western musical influences that had made their way across the globe. His style is like nothing you have heard before; its unique, beautiful and a truly spiritual music experience. Rhett’s stellar songwriting ability also lends itself to the overall musical experience.

As a songwriter who draws on many of the elements of his own life and consistently talks about the dangers of drug abuse in a fresh new way as is seen in his new music video for “Violence of Ice”; Rhett May is definitely an artist you should have on your radar. He is definitely a trend setter and a good one at that. Check the video out on Youtube. To stay up to date with Rhett check out his Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, ReverbNation and his official website at


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