American Standards Fans Will Fall In Love With New Duet From Oleg Frish And Iconic Tony Orlando

American Standards fans will fall in love with new duet from Oleg Frish and thee iconic Tony Orlando. Russian entertainer and singer Oleg Frish just did an amazing rendition of “On the sunny side of the street” with legendary popstar Tony Orlando. “On The Sunny side of the Street” was written by Jimmy McHugh and the radiance that he wanted to portray is accurately captured by Oleg Frish and tony Orlando. I remember hearing Keely Smith’s version on the radio and I fell in love with the song then and there. Singing with Tony was sheer radiance!” says Oleg.

Scott Yanow from LA Jazz Scene says “He has an appealing voice, his accent is charming, and he swings happily throughout songs.” You can watch some of Oleg’s other duets on his Youtube. Be sure to check out Oleg Frish’s full album “Duets With My American Idols” on iTunes and on Amazon. Don’t forget to Like Oleg’s Facebook, and visit his website at to receive all kinds of updates and special info about the new Album and Oleg.



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