Iconic Russian Singer Oleg Frish Sings Duet With Rock ‘n Roll Treasure Lou Christie

Russian singer Oleg Frish sings duet with Rock ‘n Roll legend Lou Christie. These two talented singers came together and remind America that when we are smiling, the whole world smiles with us. Oleg, being not only a very talented singer but songwriter as well, impeccably delivers an uplifting message to all of his listeners: to keep smiling, laughing, and just being happy. This jazzy number sure caused Lou Christie to have a smile on his face! You can check out his video here: http://bit.ly/Smiling-YouTube

Fans might wonder why Oleg decided to record an album with legendary artists. Well according to James Brown, “Oleg Frish is one of a kind. He remembers the songs I did but I’ve forgotten them long time ago”. Oleg definitely succeeded in contribution of keeping great music alive by collaborating with all of these artists on his new album. Be sure to check out Oleg Frish’s full album “Duets With My American Idols” on iTunes and on Amazon. Don’t forget to Like Oleg’s Facebook, and visit his website at www.OlegFrish.com to receive all kinds of updates and special info about the new Album and Oleg.

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One thought on “Iconic Russian Singer Oleg Frish Sings Duet With Rock ‘n Roll Treasure Lou Christie

  1. Bill Clash says:

    Wow! What a music video! Lou is great! Oleg Frish is a new name for me! Such a swinging guy! Never thought that Russians can swing. It all reminds me of the happy days. Rare mood….
    Recomment to watch!

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