This Holiday Season Beach Boys Fans Can Enjoy An Inside Look At The Band In Mike Love’s Book Good Vibrations: My Life As A Beach Boy


Frontman Mike Love of The Beach Boys has allowed fans of The Beach Boys to learn even more about the band and the bands history of over fifty years with his latest book Good Vibrations: My Life As A Beach Boy.

In his book, Love talks about how his family wound up in Southern California living on a beach in a tent, as well as the story of the relationship with the Wilson cousins – and what it was like growing up. Love’s book also dives into the unique American story of The Beach Boys, from their California roots to their international fame. Being the only band member to be part of this history each and every step, Love takes readers through the various ups and downs of the band’s history as well as “behind the scenes” stories of the band and the stories behind some of their most popular songs. Listen to an excerpt of one of the chapters of his book here. The book is also available in a holiday bundle which includes a hardcover book, tshirt, and Christmas CD; perfect for Beach Boys fans this holiday season and now at a reduced price than before which can be found here .

What devoted Beach Boys fan wouldn’t want to know more about one of their favorite bands? You can find the book at Penguin Random House Books online (Hardcover, AudioBook or eBook), Amazon (Kindle, Hardcover or Paperback Book),  Walmart (Hardcover Book) or Barnes & Noble (Hardcover Book).

Mike has also decided to surprise fans with a song that is perfect for this Holiday season! He is giving his song, “You’ll Never Be Alone On Christmas Day” away FOR FREE over on Noisetrade.

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