Louis Armstrongs Well Deserved Praise of Jan Daleys Smooth Jazz Music

In the words of the great Louis Armstrong: She’s got a, “great big beautiful voice.”  And she really does.  What makes Jan Daley’s music so phenomenal, however, is her versatility.  She can put on a performance full of bravado and the next second move onto a tender smooth jazz ballad that would make the most stoic listener’s emotions swell. In a recent article by AXS Magazine, Daley is described as having, “mastery of dynamic vocal range,” and for, “fully embracing each note as the listener embarks on a heart touching journey with her.”


Daley’s new smooth jazz album features eleven songs- six of which were written by Daley herself.  The others are all incredible songs from the days of the Great American Songbook (a collection of the most popular songs and jazz standards from the early 20th century).  Jan studied for years under the mentorship of Jack Segal, the original writer of “When Sunny Gets Blue.”  Her extensive career and wealth of experience undoubtedly helped shape the exceptional smooth jazz artist Jan is today.


For a taste, you can download the title song from her EP “When Sunny Gets Blue” FOR FREE from Noisetrade. To learn more about Daley and to keep up with her latest updates, check out her Facebook and her official website here: www.jandaley.com/.



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