Geoff Alpert’s Smooth Jazz Fusion Album Open Your Heart Impacts Music Scene

It is truly rare to find the kind of dedication and emotional investment in music that Geoff Alpert displays with every note he plays.  After a 30 year hiatus from music when Geoff dedicated himself as a husband and a father, he has returned to the scene and brought with him a groovy smooth jazz based sound that features the trombone and that is making a huge impact on the smooth jazz scene.  Although Geoff’s music contains some very smooth jazz-oriented grooves, he pushes himself to incorporate other genres such as R&B, which results in a beautiful fusion of genres.

Geoff lost his wife to cancer in 2002 and, after soul searching, was motivated to re-join the musical community.  He took the emotion and passion from this loss and, after meeting director Gail Johnson and bassist Darryl Williams, was lead to create a musical statement and image that closely ties to his life story.  Geoff’s passion for the spiritual Eastern Martial Arts discipline is also an integral part of his music and inspiration.

You can listen to the album on iTunes, CD Baby and Amazon.

Be sure to keep up with Geoff on Facebook, Twitter, Reverbnation and his official website for any updates.


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