Smooth Jazz Artist Jan Daley Releases Special Memorial Day Tribute Song

Jan’s newest album titled “The Way of a Woman” continues to make its way onto the smooth jazz radio airwaves with more and more stations adding her album into the mix. The album which consists of the songs off her “When Sunny Gets Blue” EP PLUS 6 new songs that Jan wrote herself.


One particular track that you’ll find on the record called “The One She’s Been Waiting For” has received a little bit of a remix that makes the song very personal for Jan. She has released a special Memorial Day version of the song that you can now purchase on CD Baby.  She made a few lyric changes in touching tribute to all the men, women, families and friends of the Armed Forces including her father who perished in Germany in 1945 while on a mission to pick up P.O.W’s, after World War II, whom she never got a chance to meet. The song is also accompanied by a video that you can watch on YouTube.


Jan continues to create incredible smooth jazz music and proving time and time again that she is an artist to watch. If you haven’t done so yet, take a listen to her new album on iTunes. If that’s not enough Jan for you, you can download the title song from her EP “When Sunny Gets Blue” FOR FREE from Noisetrade.


To learn more about Daley and to keep up with her latest updates, check out her Facebook and her official website:

Way OfAWomanCover_zpsjt4ko1ru TheOneShesBeenWaitingForCover_zpspoaarmoo

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