Paul Simon Like Musician Dave Sereny roaring Spotify Playlist’s with Come Here Baby

Paul Simon like musician Dave Sereny, a Toronto-based Artist has propelled his newest single “Come Here Baby”  to the number 15 jazz song on Spotify charts.

Dave’s Come Here Baby, is a glistful melodic soul tune with ear-piercing grooves than emulates the great singer Paul Simon.

It isn’t hard to understand why people listen to Dave Sereny’s music. The musical spirit along with Dave’s creative genius leaves listening to his newest album “Talk to Me”; relaxed and blissful as his beautiful guitar rifts play in your ears. However, there is more to the album’s single “Come Here Baby”  than Dave’s creative genius. The background vocals are sung by Ugandan based Nemma Children’s Choir group. Dave chose to collaborate with this group because their goal is to raise awareness of the problems facing Uganda’s youth and to fundraise towards the goals of the Nemma Child Project.

Listen to “Come Here Baby”  or check out the full album on iTunes. Be sure to also check out Dave’s website  and Twitter  for all his updates!

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