Reggae Meets George Benson Jazz with Dave Sereny’s Recent Spotify Single “Jammin”


3-8-2019 5-13-21 PM

Toronto-based Guitarist, Dave Sereny, pays tribute to Bob Marley with a soulful rendition of the classic reggae “Jammin” drawing influences from musicians like George Benson and other Jazz icons.

The award-winning Jazz artist, Dave Sereny is back with his soulful guitar style in his latest single, “Jammin”. Sereny reworks a soulful and jazzy interpretation of the classic 1977 Bob Marley and The Wailers song that is heavily influenced by music legends such as George Benson and other great Jazz players. The melodic riffs and Sereny’s Jazz and Rock style of music will make you fall in love with this classic reggae all over again! With little to no vocalization other than the background layers of a women’s choir, Dave really emphasizes the instrumental portions, particularly his guitar melodies. This song is a clear showcase displaying what Sereny can do with a guitar even after taking a few years’ break from releasing new music.

You can listen to this amazing single on Spotify or Apple Music. This song is also available on his album Talk To Me available on streaming platforms. For updates on Dave Sereny, follow him on Twitter or check out!

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