This September Country Musician Eileen Careys Single Tops Maren Morris on Internet Radio Charts And Set To Play Nashville Concerts

September has been a good month for Independent Country Musician Eileen Carey; she’s placed at #20 on the Top 100 of the “New Music Weekly Chart,” beating mainstream country artist Maren Morris who is at #30, and is playing 2 “unplugged” concerts in Nashville. Her concerts take place on the 22nd and 24th of this month. If you’re the kind of person who doesn’t like to miss out on anything, you now have two opportunities to see the uprising artist!


Sunday, September 22nd, Eileen Carey is set to play at BB Kings House of Blues with an early start at 11:45am! Eat your breakfast and then head down to BB Kings for an entertaining Sunday afternoon! If you can’t make that, her show on Tuesday, the 24th will be at the Slider House. This concert will take place in the evening from 6-7pm. To purchase tickets and get more information, visit her website at


Earlier this year, the artist released a music video for her single “Meet Me Halfway” that you can watch on YouTube. If you’d listen to more of her repertoire before attending the show(s), you can check her out on Spotify. This country artist cares more about the content of her music than going mainstream, so you definitely want to take this opportunity to say you witnessed it for yourself.


To learn more you can click the following links:

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