Youtube Singer Eileen Careys Country Rock Song Meet Me Halfway Uses Inspired From Faith Hill

Eileen Carey, the Independent country-rock singer, who’s songs can be found on Spotify and music videos streamable on Youtube, says Faith Hill is one of her inspirations. As an independent musician, she uses artists like Faith Hill for inspiration but still applies her own twist to set her apart from the rest.


Eileen Carey is the kind of artist who strays from the fame and focuses on lyrical content to set her apart from the rest. She like to push her sound and the boundaries of her country boundaries and writes songs ranging from feminism to the toxic traits social media creates. Her most recent track “Meet Me Halfway” can be streamed on Spotify  and the official music video can be streamed via YouTube. 


If you’ve been looking for a new country song to add to your playlist, Eileen Carey is the one. To learn more about the artist and future events, use the following links:


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