Much Like Rock Legend Sheryl Crowe The Up and Coming Spotify Singer Eileen Carey Blurs the Lines Between Pop Country And Rock Music

The subgenre that fuses Pop, Rock, and Country music continues to grow thanks to Spotify singer Eileen Carey, holding it down for this generations Sheryl Crowe. In today’s times, more and more niche subgenres are coming about, stemming from Rock Music, Country Music, and especially Pop music. You would think that because of how many artists sound alike these days, fusing genres and coming out with something new and refreshing would be difficult, but Eileen Carey makes it look easy.


This country-rock singer-songwriter takes inspiration from artists such as Sheryl Crowe, Eric Church, and Kelly Clarkson. She is a proud feminist with much to say about women rights and social norms. Her lyrical content reflects that other than your same-old-same-old country song about another break up.


With content like hers, she’s definitely an artist you don’t want to be out of the loop on. On Spotify, she has 3 albums and multiple singles. “Meet Me Halfway” is a recent release from this year. You can listen to it on Spotify and watch her newly released music video for it on YouTube.


To learn more about Eileen Carey you can click any of the following links:

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