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Martina McBride Served as an Inspiration to Country Artist Eileen Carey’s New YouTube Music Video “Meet Me Halfway”

instagram Meet Me Halfway Video release

Country Pop artist Eileen Carey has been climbing the charts for her recent single “Meet Me Halfway”, inspired by American Singer-Songwriter Martina McBride that also complements a well-made YouTube video.

Carey, as a country artist has achieved many accolades including, “Los Angeles Music Awards 2017 Live Country Music Performer”, “2016 Female Country Artist”, and “2018 New Music Weekly Country Breakthrough Artist of the Year”, recently listed famous singer-songwriter Martina McBride as an inspiration to her most recent track “Meet Me Halfway”. The artist behind “Independence Day” has given Carey the motivation to write and composed this beautiful track and also gave Carey to motivation to make music in the first place.

Meet Me Halfway” has already gotten recognition as it climbs the UK HotDisc Top40 charts and AC/Hot AC charts for 2019. Her new music video for the single is also gaining momentum with her visually stunning production. On top of an already incredible music, the visuals and aesthetics of the video truly bring the performance alive. A very well-produced video that is both contemporary but is also reminiscent of the traditional sound of Country Rock. “Meet Me Halfway” is truly a must-see video!

For more information on all things Eileen:

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Top 10 Download Recommendations For Black Friday Shopping: Fab Fan Memories-The Beatles Bond, Refuse The Fall, Now Playing, Lara Johnston, The Rift, The Elizabeth Kill, Evanescence, Staind, Florence & The Machine, Five Finger Death Punch

It’s November, which means it’s time for some thanksgiving! Whether you’re celebrating with family or friends, having turkey and pigging out, or just enjoying a little time off from work, likely you’ll be listening to some music. After all, why not? Thanksgiving is the time to be thankful for the good things in life, and I think we can all agree that music is one of those good things, even if it’s often overlooked. So we decided to spread our love of music and with that we give you our top ten downloads we are thankful for!

Topping the list this month are newcomers, Fab Fan Memories – The Beatles Bond, The Elizabeth Kill and Refuse the Fall; Top ten alumns, The Rift, Now Playing, and Lara Johnston and the ever popular Evanescence and Staind.


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Find the Best Music with Taylor Spears Top 10 Download Recommendations this month including iiO, Now Playing, Lara Johnston, Armin VanBuuren, The Rift, Joss Stone, 3 Doors Down, Kaskade, Arctic Monkeys & LMFAO

Keep the good times rolling after Summer ends with my Top 10 Download pix for August 2011! Check out releases by iiO, Now Playing, Lara Johnston, The Rift, Armin Van Buuren, LMFAO, Joss Stone, Kascade, The Arctic Monkeys and 3 Doors Down!
Have you ever noticed that August is the only month without a holiday? As the month at the end of the summer shouldn’t there be one last party day to end our summer with a bang? So instead of celebrating our typical holidays lets celebrate just because! We’ve created this list for you to help create new memories and keep the good times rolling. Whether it’s another month full of wild crazy parties or full of chilling back and relaxing this list has something for you to celebrate your August with.

Randy Wilson, Jane Smith, Laz and Cat and Michael Colyar Top The Top 10 Download Recommendations For September Taylor Spears September Top 10 Download Recommendations include Randy Wilson, Jane Smith, Laz and Cat and Michael Colyar

Summer’s About Come And Gone

Check out Jane Smith’s single “See The Truth,” Laz and Cat’s single “Swagger Dance,” Michael Colyar’s album “Greatest Hits And The Great Unknowns, ” and Randy Wilson’s album “Up Close And Personal.

Check out the tunes here:

Now that summer is almost over, things are picking up again and getting stressful. The kids are back in school, there’s deadlines to be made and soccer practices to attend. There’s not as much time for yourself as there should be. Maybe you are coming back from that unforgettable vacation and dreading that work week that’s now just around the corner. You can’t escape the everyday grind, but you can still have fun and escape into your music. That’s why this month I have recommended albums that will let the summer live on in your headphones and in your stereos.

Taylor Spears Recommends Nina Patel, Randy Wilson, Left Standing & Village Kid in the Top 10 DOWNLOAD Recommendations for August 2010

With EAT PRAY LOVE coming out this month, I thought it fitting to select music that I love to DEVOUR DELIGHT DANCE to, like Nina Patel’s “i am…Discovering Your Inner Beauty…”, Randy Wilson’s “Life Goes On”, Left Standing’s “Brand New Day” and Village Kid’s “Colourful Girl”. These titles have a common thread of self-discovery, beauty, perserverence and utmost entertainment! ENJOY!

Taylor Spears Recommends Top Ten CD’s; MP3’s For Holiday Gift Giving

This month TaylorSpearsRecommends brings you an eclectic collection of holiday favorites (and some not so holiday-ish favorites too!). On the list is Kermit Ruffins, Count Basie, Harry Connick, Jr., Jeremy Davenport, Louis Armstrong, Wynton Marsalis, Sting, Sugarland, Carrie Underwood & Los Lonely Boys.

I’ll guide you the right gift for everyone on your list! There’s some great deals out there in November, so don’t delay, start your gift buying today!

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