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Visit Carnet for Free Login and Make Trip Plans for Romantic Luxury Getaway to Venice, Italy


Carnet has the best suggestions for romantic outings during your getaway to Venice!  One idea is to take a motorboat across the Venetian lagoon to the island of Torcello. Visit the ruins of the old Byzantine Cathedral and have a late lunch under the shady pergolas of the gardens of Locanda Cipriani. You might be seated at the table where Ernest Hemingway wrote “Across the River and into the Trees.”

Venice, Italy is full of romance and whimsy in every season, so it’s always a great time to plan a Venetian getaway!  The city of Venice is incredibly beautiful; a stroll through its neighborhoods is a lovely and charming experience.  In the summer months, visitors and locals alike enjoy long evening walks along the Giudecca.  In autumn, you can walk across piazza San Marco, but don’t forget to bring your rubber boots because of the high tide!  In winter, ten centuries of history are covered by a silent blanket of snow.  In the spring, make sure to experience the flowers and scents of the secret gardens in the city of the Doge.

Whether you’re traveling to Venice looking for romance or are a seasoned traveler, the Carnet travel guide to Venice has insider travel reviews for culture rich entertainment, art museums, galleries, fine dining, luxury hotels and fashion designer shopping addresses.  While in Venice, Carnet suggests hiring a Water Taxi to take you to the Giudecca Canal just before sunset and enjoy the colors and reflection of the waters. Watch the rays of the sunset play on the gold of the domes of San Marco from the Bell Tower of San Giorgio Maggiore, far from the maddening crowd.

I found these romantic Venetian travel suggestions from my favorite travel guide, Travel with Carnet!

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Shop Paris in Up-Style Mode with

This summer travelers and city shoppers in Paris can print single page, customized shopping maps and relieve themselves of carrying around countless books and guides.
Travel with now offers their users a free account to browse, store and print their favorite stores from contemporary up-and-coming boutiques, to hidden treasures and luxury flagships. This site feature is called the “travel carnet” and resembles a personal agenda or as the French would say, a “carnet”.

The online or mobile guide to shopping in Paris lets you tailor your shopping itinerary to your style. It makes cities like Paris easy to navigate by choosing neighborhoods that are geared for walking while shopping. The shop information includes the store specialty, address, phone, website, and hours of operation. Users who log into their travel carnet account are in control of what they pick to be printed onto their personal city shopping map, or accessed from their iphone, ipad or other smart mobile device.

With the guide, shoppers now have a reliable source they can trust.

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