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We believe that you have what it takes to make it big in the music industry. But now it the time for you to see the results you deserve. If you are an independent artist looking to get your songs noticed, has a plan for you, one fit for any budget money back guarantee!

Streaming services like Spotify have been dominating the music industry, adding about 40,000 tracks EACH DAY. At we have multiple strategies that we’ve implemented to increase your streaming numbers and presence on Spotify which converts to an increase in royalties paid to YOU!

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We offer a couple of different campaign approaches.  This one is “all-in” campaign and this one is for adding your track to collaborative playlists: .

But here, we like to have the results speak for themselves. Here are some examples of what we’ve done for independent artists just like you. –

 –  1,470,000% in Streams
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Em Draws Comparisons to Lorde’s Solar Power in New Music Video Release on YouTube

Many music fans and critics are drawing comparisons between Em and Lorde due to the release of Em’s latest indie pop music video on YouTube “Hear Your Love”. And let me tell you, everyone is absolutely loving the video for its lyricism, visual components, and just because of Em herself! The song itself is different than “Solar Power” but fans are saying both women are killing it!

Watch “Hear Your Love” on Youtube!

Em’s “Hear Your Love” music video is set in Russia in the 1800’s, drawing from what Em feels was a “perfect place to capture the essence and the way music and love felt back then.” The story itself is between Em and her love interest, Giuseppe, and their “love language together”. The visuals, again, successfully capture this blossoming love story and it is quite a stunning sight to see. 

Hear more about the making of the video in her latest interview! raved about the song. They say that “And so it is on “Hear Your Love”. Her direct and refined vocals are a refreshing listening option in a time where electronic and digitized effects take precedence. Em’s vocal methods bring an eloquently cultivated presence to the song. She owns the ability to bridge her distinctive sound with an up to the moment musical concept. She sounds absolutely stunning on this single as she her voice becomes one with the instrumental backing.”

Check out all of EM’s music on Spotify!

Em is not new to the music scene. According to her,  “Anytime I am writing and anytime I am in the booth recording, I know beyond the shadow of a doubt that this is the destiny of what I was put here on Earth to do,” Em concludes. “My mission is to help people heal and feel connected – closer to God and their truth.”

Em’s Website

Em’s Facebook

Em’s Twitter @em4yoursoul

Em’s Instagram @em4yoursoul

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For guaranteed Spotify playlist placement, will help with marketing services that are essential to boost music streams.

Streaming services like Spotify have been dominating the music industry.  Spotify acts not only as a music streaming service but also a platform to expose artists since there are millions of active users and 40,000 tracks being added daily (no, that’s not a typo!).

Wouldn’t you like to see these kinds of increases like our other Indie Artists have seen using our Spotify Campaigns? 

– 1,470,000% in Streams
–  43,000% in # of Playlists
–  9,700% in Saves
–  1,300% in Followers 
–  41,011% in Listeners

We offer a couple of different campaign approaches.  This one is “all-in” campaign and this one is for adding your track to collaborative playlists: .

Web ‘n Retail also provides other services in order to maximize your online presence in the music industry at:

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Kailee Spark Takes Over the Indie Music and Pop Scene with her Breakout Song, “Passageways”

Indie and Pop Fans are ecstatic to be discovering the up and coming musician, Kailee Spark. Spark’s first single and music video, ‘Passageways’, was released on April 19 of this year and perfectly captures the road-trip indie vibes we all love, along with the pop sounds that we can’t get enough of. This amazing track can be heard on Spotify here! ( at: )

A beautiful blue-eyed California baby of the late 80’s, Kailee Spark started taking piano lessons at 8 years old and became forever intrigued with the idea of expressing herself through songwriting. She showcases her passion for the art in her most recent single. “Passageways”, produced by Bub Pratt, is the first single from Spark’s debut album’ Savor This’! Not only is this track perfect for any jam sesh – but also has lyrics that are super relatable to anyone that’s been in love. While Kailee Spark sings about the beautiful optimism associated with falling in love, her track also touches on the dark side of these strong emotions.

The Indie hit has a video to accompany it with incredible visuals, available on her YouTube channel here. ( at : ).  The music video goes back and forth between a dream state and reality, staying with the single’s theme of the dark curiosity and escape from reality that is associated with falling hard in love. Fans are raving about this new release and can’t wait for Spark to continue releasing her beautifully written music!

To stay up to date with Kailee Spark, check her out on her website Spotify, Facebook, Twitter, and Twitch by clicking on her link tree!

Kailee Spark’s Single “Sparkle & Shine” is a Folk Pop Treasure, Out on Spotify and YouTube

Spark’s newest single and music video, ‘Sparkle & Shine’, was released on June 4th—and believe us and we tell you it is a folk pop treasure! If you don’t know who Kailee Spark is, the singer-songwriter was raised Mormon in the Bay Area and left the church at the age of 22 and moved to Big Island Hawaii! Before pursuing her music career, she studied cultural anthropology at Humboldt State University. Now Spark is skyrocketing with her new career in music. Listen to her on Spotify here. Spark speaks about the single:

 “Writing ‘Sparkle & Shine’ was a lot of fun. I stopped at the studio one day to have a production meeting with Bub and showed him like four lines of a song I was working on that at the time was called ‘Bright & Shiny’. The idea of the song was that sometimes I’m feeling like I’m in the flow of life, and sometimes I’m not, but either way it’s cool and I’ll just keep doing my thing. Later that same night he sent me a recording of practically an entire song he had written based on the little information I’d given him! We went back and forth creating the verses and fine-tuning the hook, and recorded the song maybe a week after we wrote it. That was a fun and quick co-write!”

The enchanting single is accompanied by a video including the songstress frolicing through the Hawaiian style Cliffside.  After a sunrise songwriting session on a cliff overlooking the vast Pacific, and a ceremonial toss of her mobile phone into the open waves, she finds that her jeep won’t start. Spark grabs her guitar and meanders down the rural jungle road, intending to hitchhike back into town. A sweet couple in a truck pick her up, and as she rides in the back, an adventure ensues with a crazy cast of characters and riveting imagery

To stay up to date with Kailee Spark, check her out on her website Spotify, Facebook, Twitter, and Twitch by clicking on her link tree!

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Kailee Spark Makes Waves in Pop Scene Like Laura Veirs with Release of “Passageways” Single on Spotify and YouTube

Pop fans welcome Kailee Spark to the scene as she debuts her single “Passageways” which is soon to be a fan favorite amongst Laura Veirs supporters and all music lovers alike. Check out the captivating, breezy, guitar focused single “Passageways” on Spotify here!

“Passageways” is a plaintive meandering through plucked and strummed guitar, subtle brush drumming, and breezy chimes. Released via the local Kukuau Studio Label, “Passageways” is a story told by a wandering lover who has returned home. Spark deftly explores themes of pain, release, connection, and escape; this is clearly familiar territory. The track crescendos into a chorus of hushed “ahhhs” and rising drums, a repeated line making its case to the injured subject of her heart’s desire.

Singer/songwriter Kailee Spark hails from the Big Island of Hawaii, Hilo to be exact, and her music video is shot on the ancient Na Ala Hele Trail and Ha’ena Beach. In her creative and moving video, Spark wanders the wet, lush tropical rainforest, a vision in a simple white dress, perhaps one of those beings that weary, lost travelers say have led them out of the deep woods. If that sounds intriguing watch the full video on Kailee Spark’s YouTube channel here.

For all the new Kailee Spark fans out there: we hear the next single from Kailee is going to be “Sparkle & Shine”! The highly anticipated full LP-styled album is set to debut digitally on all streaming platforms on June 26, 2021.

To stay up to date with Kailee Spark, check her out on her website Spotify, Facebook, Twitter, and Twitch by clicking on her link tree!

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Check Out PIERA’s Single Unraveling Inspired by Chelsea Wolfe Now on Spotify!

Have you listened to PIERA’s single “Unraveling” yet? If not, you need to this instant! This fantastic song consists of haunting vocals, up-beat melodies, and psychedelic undertones that are sure to get listeners entranced. Fun fact, this song was inspired partly by American singer-songwriter Chelsea Wolfe and her folk-rock sound. Listen on Spotify here.

The duo consists of Piera Klein and Micah Plissner, two multi-talented musicians. Klein isn’t just the lead singer of the group, she is also a wonderful composer and songwriter. Plissner on the other hand is a producer who can also play multiple instruments. It’s no surprise that their music sounds as good as it does when they combine their talents.

“Unraveling” isn’t the only piece of art these two have released. Also on Spotify are “As Good As You” and “Cosmic Reaction.” PIERA are only going up from here, as they’ve recently made their way to radio. You’ll be hearing much more from them soon, that’s for sure, and we can’t wait for what’s next in store.

Check out all things PIERA on the website at

Stay up to date on all of PIERA’s new releases here!

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Pop Artist EM Sounds Very Lana Del Rey in New Song Say What You Mean

The new single from pop singer/songwriter EM, “Say What You Mean,” is out now! You can definitely hear the Lana Del Rey influence throughout this romantic tune. “Say What You Mean” is a soulful pop song that goes straight to the heart and soul of relationships. Listen on Spotify here.

Em’s video for “Say What You Mean” is also representative of Lana Del Rey in regards to her storytelling. It portrays the Divine Feminine in a cinematic style – women of today but through a 50’s and 60’s lens. She shot this sensually and supernaturally mesmerizing video with director Parris Mayhew. Watch it on YouTube here.

Em says this song represents the “ethereal, emotional side of her writing.” She thinks of herself as a huge hopeless romantic and just wants someone to love her with every fiber of their being. “Say What You Mean” sees Em sending an ultimatum to her partner, by talking about honesty and the essential role it plays for the success of a relationship in the long run. Listen to “Say What You Mean” on Apple Music here.

To learn more about Em, make sure to follow her social media pages and check her website for updates!

Em’s Website

Em’s Facebook

Em’s Twitter @em4yoursoul

Em’s Instagram @em4yoursoul

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PIERA’S Indie Electronic Spotify Single “Unraveling” Inspires David Bowie Fans

Indie and Dark electronic pop duo, PIERA, gains inspiration from artists like David Bowie for their latest single “Unraveling” now available for streaming on Spotify. The diverse pair and Los Angeles locals, Piera Klein and Micah Plissner encourage listeners to make art, enjoy nature and arouse your consciousness as you listen to “Unraveling.”

Stream “Unraveling” on Spotify

Their genre-defying sound stems from a combination of their diverse backgrounds: Micah a multi-instrumentalist and producer originally from New York City and Piera, singer, songwriter, composer, and California native with a globe-trotting history. Their sound is electronic, underground, beat-driven, synth pop, with psychedelic undertones and haunting vocals.

The mystical indie and synth-feeling track “Unraveling” is the first of their latest releases. The duo also just released two other highly anticipated singles, “Cosmic Reaction” and “As Good As You” to stream on Spotify.

Check out all things PIERA on the website at

Stay up to date on all of PIERA’s new releases here!

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Client we’ve worked with, Alex Boye

Alex Boye is a star on Youtube with his videos gaining millions of views!!

He puts an African twist on todays popular songs and we had a chance to let everyone know! Alex went on tour in the Pacific Northwest and Salt Lake City putting on quite the performing arts extravaganza! You can check out his Youtube Channel to see his awesome cover songs.

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