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New Years Free Music Download Nadel Paris Ooh LA La La La EDM Remix with DJ M Listen Free at Noisetrade

Influential EDM Artist, Nadel Paris ( is a jack of all trades; an accomplished singer, producer and writer. Nadel is dropping a New Years exclusive for all, a free Full Length mp3 download of the DJ M remix – you can get it here . Her new album “Ooh La La La La” is now available for purchase on iTunes here . It features remixes by your favorite EDM DJ’s like Ray Rhodes, Pascal, Starbright, Cyphonix, Drew G and DJ M. Chicago.

She has a commanding presence – tall in stature with long blonde hair that moves along with the music as she jumps around on stage!  Her influences include divas from different genres and timeframes; from Aretha Franklin to Janis Joplin, Tina Turner and Madonna.  Aside from her tremendously strong music writing skills, she also writes novels and screenplays; and had a young adult novel published a couple of years ago.

She is truly an altruistic person which shines through in many of her lyrics; “Genuinely loving other human beings and animals and wanting to be of service to them in any possible way, small or big.  That’s really all that counts.”

Take a listen to the full remix featuring Kxng Crooked on Spotify , or check out all the tracks on iTunes here .

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Kitaro Presents Free Music Concert For Healing Community at Raven Performing Arts Theater this Sunday

Grammy Award Winning New Age/World Music Artist, Kitaro who is a Sonoma Valley Resident donates his time to bring spiritual healing and mindfulness to residents of the area who were affected by the Sonoma County fires.   With so many affected by the recent events, there is still much to be grateful for and Kitaro hopes his music will provide help and hope to the minds and souls of so many who have been dealing with so much and/or so little during these trying times.  The concert is intended for not only those that lost their homes or loved ones, but also for fire relief workers, social workers and educators who have done so much for so many during, and in the days and months following the fires. 

Prior to his concert “Kojiki and the Universe” which takes place on Sunday night, November 19 at the Raven Performing Arts Theater; Kitaro will perform a FREE concert during the day at the Raven venue.  The Doors open at 2:30 pm and the music begins at 3:30 pm.   

Capacity for the event is limited.   In order to obtain your FREE Tickets (1st come-1st served) basis to potential recipients, you must register here .  Once all the tickets have been distributed, potential recipients can request to be put on the waiting list by email to:

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Kitaro Presents His Stage Show Phenomenon Coming To San Francisco’s Grace Cathedral, Saturday November 18


A potent blend of refreshing musicianship and astounding visual effects are featured in Kitaro’s stage show “Kojiki and The Universe”. The famed composer incorporates an enlightened sense of sight of sound to express this vivid story of the birth of the universe to audiences. Tickets can be purchased here.

The magic of music and visual splendor combine harmoniously through space-age photographic scenes of the Universe and Kitaro’s sweeping instrumentals. These images were conceived by Kitaro in collaboration with professionals at NASA and Kyoto University. For a sneak peek of what to expect click here.

See this audio and visual extravaganza live November 18 at the Grace Cathedral in San Francisco, CA by purchasing tickets here. You can also hear the soundtrack for the event; Kitaro’s The Sacred Journey of Ku-Kai here.

Japanese World Music Artist Kitaro Presents his Exhilarating “Kojiki and The Universe” Tour to Los Angeles, Nov 17

World Music artist Kitaro presents an exhilarating experience of song and dance with his theatrically spiritual concert “Kojiki and the Universe” coming to the beautiful Immanuel Presbyterian Church in Los Angeles on November 17. Tickets are available here.

The spectacle will feature the combined efforts of NASA and Kyoto University to bring Kitaro’s ambitious vision to life. The show incorporates real-time films intertwined with time-lapse imagery as a backdrop to the musician’s stunning instrumentals, accompanied by Butoh dancers and Taiko drummers.  For a sneak peek of what to expect click here.

Listen to the dazzling music of the show through Kitaro’s most recent album, The Sacred Journey of Ku-Kai 5 available on iTunes.KITARO_TOUR_FB_851x315

World Music Artist Kitaro Brings His Masterful Production Of Sight And Sound To Portland, OR

Experience Kitaro’s grand vision of “Kojiki and The Universe” at First Congregational Church in Portland, OR on November 30.  Including music from his award winning album “The Sacred Journey of Ku-Kai 5” and spellbinding photography of the Universe, the show promises to dazzle audiences of all ages. Reserve your tickets here.


The LIVE show extravaganza features the combined efforts of NASA and Kyoto University’s  astronomy department, for which they used time-lapse imagery and real-time films to create a mesmerizing expedition through outer space. Kitaro orchestrates this journey by guiding his audience through the infinite possibilities of space with his musical prowess, as an atmosphere of vibrations fills the theatre. For a sneak peek of what to expect click here.


“Kojiki and The Universe” LIVE is a spectacular event that charms the audience with its immaculate sense of awe and wonder. Experience the magical music of the show through Kitaro’s most recent album, The Sacred Journey of Ku-Kai 5 available on iTunes.

Japanese New Age Music Artist Kitaro To Perform At The Garfield Theater In La Jolla, CA


Kitaro, a Grammy and Golden Globe award-winning composer will debut his new age show spectacular, Kojiki and The Universe on November 16 in La Jolla, California. Get Your Tickets here

Fans and music lovers can expect a unique and visually-inspiring concert experience from the 64-year-old multi-instrumentalist, famed for his brand of contemplative and highly melodic synthesizer music. The audience will be treated to a unique experience where time-lapse images are expertly intertwined with real-time films provided by and in cooperation with NASA and Kyoto University. For a sneak peek of what to expect click here

Kitaro began playing and composing music in the early 1970s. His unique fusion of electronic artistry, traditional Japanese forms and pop-inflected Western idioms created a rich, harmonic and poetic sound that garnered him a huge international following. Kitaro won a Golden Globe Award for Best Original Score for his work on the movie Heaven And Earth and a Grammy Award for Best New Age Album for Thinking Of You.

Experience the mystifying music of the show through Kitaro’s most recent album, The Sacred Journey of Ku-Kai 5 available on iTunes

The Way of a Woman by Jan Daley Enters Jazz Billboard Charts with Incredible Placements!

Jan Daley’s “The Way of a Woman” smooth jazz album just debuted at #6 on the Billboard Jazz Chart and #5 on the Billboard Traditional Jazz Chart. Standing between Jan and the #1 chart positions are less than 5 other artists’ releases, most notably Diana Krall, Norah Jones, Thelonious Monk and Big Bad Voodoo Daddy. This is quite an accomplishment and a well deserved one at that for this independent artist whose career has spanned over five decades. She started off as the “singing canary” in her early twenties on Bob Hope’s USO Tour and has performed with countless huge names in both the acting and singing world. Additionally she also wore the crown as Miss California (yes, it was “Miss” Back then!) while attending college.


Her newest album stands out as yet another phenomenal release in a seemingly endless stream of phenomenal world-class smooth jazz. With six original tunes and five brilliantly adapted covers, “The Way of a Woman” is well worth a listen for even those who don’t normally listen to smooth jazz. If you haven’t done so yet, check out “The Way of a Woman” on iTunes.


If that’s not enough Jan for you, you can download the title song from her EP “When Sunny Gets Blue” FOR FREE from Noisetrade. To learn more about Daley and to keep up with her latest updates, check out her Facebook and her official website here:

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