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Spotify Single A New Way of Love by Music Icon Randy Hall Hits the Heart of Usher Fans

Grammy Award Winning Artist Randy Hall, hits home with his newest release, “A New Way of Love”. The Spotify single appeals to many Usher fans with how it represents the way we should show love to others during this trying time.


Listen to “A New Way of Love” On Spotify! 

RH pic

Randy Hall is an American singer, guitarist, and record producer who is best known for collaborating with Miles Davis during the 1980s. Hall helped Davis arrange “The Man With The Horn”, and its title track featured lead vocals by Hall, who also played guitar, synthesizer and celesta on the track.


Hall recently spoke out in response to current events, stating, “I can’t wait to see us champion this and for us all to rise to a greater level of love and togetherness as human beings. I want to make a record that the whole wide world would sing, then go on tour and set the stage on fire!”


The chorus of “A New Way of Love” has a sweet ear-bending harmonic surprise

kissed to life by backup singers Medina Johnson and Patrice “KP” Isley while the

rhythm track gives those mature enough to remember a masterful Barry White



Buy “A New Way of Love” Now!


Take some supremely pocketed digi-beats, bass and ambient guitar, wed them to

some delicious la-la female backing vocal garnish – all at the service of a soulfully

swaggering lead vocal – and you’ve got, “A New Way of Love.”


The only things this 4-minute single edit lack are a mid-song breakdown, a sexy

spoken mack laid on thick over the top and a guitar solo from master-picker Hall

(recently featured on the 2019 Miles Davis unearthed-from-the-vault collection

Rubberband).”Come on, brother. Why you holdin’ out on us?”


Maybe he just wants to leave us wanting more. Mission: Accomplished.

“A New Way Of Love” by Randy Hall is available now!


Check out the “A New Way Of Love” Video on YouTube!


Keep up with Randy’s touring and news updates at: 






“A New Way Of Love” YouTube Video


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Feel Good Single, Tommy James Medley of Neil Young and Cream Chart-Toppers on Spotify

Check out the new feel-good single, by Tommy James for a Neil Young and Cream medley that’s topping Spotify charts! The title of his track is Cinnamon/Sunshine and was just released earlier this month on the 20th.

To create this cover, James “glued” together Sunshine of Your Love by Cream and Neil Young’s Cinnamon Girl. He says: “The riffs work together hand-in-glove. They’re the same tempo and key – yet totally different songs!” As always, this innovative producer continues to bring something new to the table!

Since the 60’s, as the singer and songwriter for Tommy James and the Shondells and to this day, the rock legend continues to play sold out shows while actively representing the musicians of his era. You can also listen to his latest album Alive on Spotify . Other than that, you can stream the single on Spotify  and listen to him on his weekly radio show ‘Gettin’ Together’ on SiriusXM’s 60s on 6.

For information regarding any upcoming shows, check his website. You can use the following link to get his digital downloads or CD at AmazonMusic or like and follow him on Facebook,   Twitter or Instagram.

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Make Money From Your Music Videos on Social Media Sites Like Instagram But You Need an ISRC Number!

Did you know that you can get paid for your music or lyric videos that you post on Instagram? But only if you have an ISRC number embedded into the master file. An ISRC number tracks your playable streams turning your quality work into revenue or in other words, royalties. If you use Instagram to promote your music then you definitely don’t want to miss out on this!

Music and lyric videos in the past were considered for promotional use only. This has evolved along with the collection of royalties. You can now collect additional royalties from music videos, and lyric videos on streaming platforms such as Facebook and YouTube. The only requirement is to have an embedded ISRC code in those videos. ISRC (International Standard Recording Code) is an essential part of your master file in order for you to collect royalties. The ISRC number is tracked online and is reported to your distributor and those distributors would send out royalties accordingly. For more information, check with your distributors and PROs (Performing Rights Organization). You can also learn more info on YouTube 

To add an ISRC Code to your master audio and music video files, you must get one from an RIAA  licensed vendor. Web ‘n Retail is licensed to do so. In addition, Web n’ Retail is a music marketing agency and has helped musicians with marketing campaigns for over 25 years. For more information, click here:


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Country Pop Artist Eileen Carey Welcomes October with San Diego Show

On October 10th, country pop fans of artists such as Keith Urban and Leann Rimes will have the opportunity to experience Eileen Carey live. She is a renowned vocalist who will be performing at the House of Blues in San Diego as part of the RAW Artist Showcase, beginning at 6:00pm, displaying all of her power and flair. Music Connection Magazine’s review of her previous show at the Whisky A Go Go said of Carey’s performance:

“The crowd was hooked from the moment “Hearts of Time” kicked off the night. Carey’s sassy, yet humble, stage demeanor gave off Gretchen Wilson meets Miranda Lambert vibes. [The crowd] engaged in hand clapping, line dancing and singing along … She’s not afraid to voice her thoughts and opinions. [The performance was] a perfect blend of upbeat and lower-tempo tracks showcasing her experience and versatility with ease, so much so that it came as a shock when her set was about to end.”

You really should capitalize on this opportunity to see the woman Elmore Magazine dubbed “a true musical chameleon who blends pop and rock and country influences with ease,” in person. Her unbeatable energy and charisma is uniquely refreshing, and all those in attendance of the showcase will bear witness to these traits. Her music resonates with all audiences with its engaging lyrics and captivating instrumental accompaniment.

For those not around the San Diego area next week, you can still experience Eileen Carey’s excellence. She recently released the official music video to her hit track “That Town.” The video illuminates the common struggle so many of us experience of trying to decide whether to leave the safety of our hometowns for the opportunities of the real-world, or to remain in our comfort zones. The music video carries a light mood with kids in Los Angeles embracing their bravery and entering the world outside of home.

To watch the “That Town” official video, check it out on YouTube. Other ways you can explore the talents of Eileen Carey are via Spotify. Also, to stay updated on all things Eileen Carey, visit her website and follow her Facebook and Instagram.

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End Your Summer With a Bang with Leslie Cours Mather’s New Album

This summer has been a great season for my favorite artists. Brian McShea and the Sidemen dropped an EP in June, and now Leslie Cours Mather is finally releasing her “I’m A Survivor” album on the 27th of September! I’m so excited because all the songs that Leslie has released so far have been such memorable hits, and I can’t wait to see what more she has in store for us on her new album!

This is going to be a big month for Leslie; with the new album release and performance at the Kidney Walk in Irvine, it’s going to be fun! The Kidney walk is going to be a great opportunity for her because it takes place just days after her album release, so those who get to go are blessed with hearing a bunch of her new songs live for the first time! I highly encourage that you guys go because you get to have fun on a walk with your friends, listen to some great new adult contemporary music, and, most importantly, you get to support a great cause! So get out there, download her new album, and take a walk for a cause!

Just be sure to follow her on Facebook and Spotify to keep updated on the latest and greatest form Leslie! If you’re as excited as I am, you can pre-order her album here! For more information about Leslie Cours Mather’s participation in the Kidney Walks for the National Kidney Foundation, click here:

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Jon Collins

If you haven’t already, check out Jon Collins! We’ve been working on his single, a rock/pop ballad, LET LOVE LIVE. In 2015 we’ll be working his new EP, Jon Collins Band: The Roll – the new tracks are simply delightful!

Not only did we help him expand his fan base, Web ‘n Retail was able to get LET LOVE LIVE music video was on Wisconsin’s Fox Traxx TV’s playlist alongside Fitz & The Tantrums, Lionel Richie, Travis Tritt and Jack Johnson! You can see it here at:

We absolutely enjoy working talented artist like Jon Collins. If you need more go to Twitter at:, on Facebook at: and check out his hit single “Let Love Live” on Itunes at: Or, just visit his official website:

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Chris Ledoux

This was Rock ‘n Retail’s second project from Capitol Nashville.  The album was One Man Road by Chris LeDoux.  It came out at the same time Garth Brooks double Christmas album came out on the same label.  Needless to say the budget was miniscule by comparison.  We couldn’t compete at retail with Garth’s Hay Bale displays fronting all the stores so we decided to market the record to retailers as a little bit of country with a lot of rock ‘n roll.   There was a remake of “Life is a Highway” on this record and the label didn’t supply any fun giveaways so we made our own.   We got matchbox cars and glued a “highway” on the trunk of the cars that hung from the ceiling as a display, that said “LIFE IS A HIGHWAY” by Chris LeDoux….the stores LOOOOVVVEEDDDD THEM!  We also worked Chris LeDoux’s “After the Storm” 4 years later.

Pere Ubu


Image         Image

If you don’t know of David Thomas from Pere Ubu then you can’t really call yourself a music fan (or a punk fan).  David Thomas is a visionary virtuoso with a very clever mind!  He’s very busy too, for an older gentleman!  We worked not only his Pere Ubu project “Why I hate women” and “Why I remix women” (and no he doesn’t “hate” women – he “loves women”!), but we also worked several of his other projects such as David Thomas & 2 Pale Boys, Rocket from the Tombs and the Unknown Instructors.  These jobs came to us from a wonderful client – Frank & Lisa Mauceri of Smog Veil Records who was referred to us by our lovely PR friend, Ilka of FlyPR.  You can check out “Why I Hate Women” here: and “Why I Remix Women” here:

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Kate Miller-Heidke


This quirky looking artist hails from Australia and is quite the celebrity there.   We got this release from SIN (Sony Independent Network) which was a division that took successful Sony artists from other countries and worked to cross them over into stars in the US.  Her music is fantastic as in the clock stuck in her hair!

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