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If your musical tastes include bands like 30 seconds to Mars, Story of The Year, Avenged Sevenfold, Metallica or AC/DC, you will thoroughly enjoy the music of The Rift. A guitar oriented band, The Rift includes three guitarists that share great chemistry onstage. They’ve already earned a great reputation that has allowed them to share the stage with bands like Exodus or The Misfits.

They recently released their second EP, Aces High, driven by the powerful single “Seven”  and they also filmed a new video for the catchy song “WAKE”  

With great live energy and rare musical skills, The Rift stands as one of the best live bands in Los Angeles that keeps their fans coming back for more.

You can  take a listen to the single/album and check their upcoming tour dates at Tunecore 

Follow them The Rift Facebook Page.

Rock Hard With The Heavy Metal Band The Rift

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Armed with a crisp new sound, alternative rock band The Rift drops new EP

If you like bands like Bullet for My Valentine, Alter Bridge, or Story of The Year then you will definitely like The Rift. Armed with a crisp new sound, alternative hard rock band The Rift packs a punch with their self titled EP debut. These melodies will no doubt have you singing along and wanting more.

Although The Rift has only been together for two years, they share great chemistry on stage having made them a quite popular live band.   They have earned a reputation that has allowed them  to share the stage with bands such as: The Misfits, Exodus, Yngwie Malmsteen and Midnight Theory.

When asked, lead singer Aris Anagnos states his personal musical influences are the likes of Led Zeppelin, Metallica, 30 Seconds to Mars and Atreyu. Most of the other band members state their influences are almost identical, making the band very consistent and well suited for the alternative/hard rock music that they play. Other members of the band include Tyler Holsclaw, Matt Melamed, Tesh Hatharasinghe, and John Anagnos.

Visit their website here and check out their new record now available on iTunes .

You can also visit them on Facebook and Myspace for more streaming music and band updates!


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