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Gift Guide-Top 10 Music Guide with Tracks from Movie ‘A Star Is Born’ Available on iTunes, Spotify, and Amazon

There’s no better way to gift your family for the holidays than the 2018 Top 10 Holiday Music Guide. Available to Stream on Spotify, Amazon, or iTunes to bring you one last gift before the New Year starts!

Stream on Spotify now on or surprise your loved ones with the gift of the album or single CDs. Ring out 2018 as you listen to this year’s Top 10 Music Guide.

This guide will satisfy any lovers of music with a variety of music from pop, country, jazz, R&B, to contemporary Christian, adult contemporary, alternative, and even movie soundtracks.

For the holiday mood, the guide has holiday hits by Mike Love, Katie Garibaldi, Debbie Williams, Leslie Cours Mather, and Eileen Carey. If you’re just looking for new music to before concluding this crazy 2018 year, the guide also has tracks by Soles of Passion, and a couple of undiscovered indie as well as world-renowned artists.

Whether you’re looking to treat yourself or looking for the a Christmas gift, look no further as the 2018 Top 10 Music Guide is the perfect playlist for you and your loved ones to listen while reliving all the moments and memories from this year. Gift the gift of music with the holiday guide this year to make this Christmas one for the books!

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Indie Rock Band Slow Lights Is Getting Thousands of Plays on Spotify

Summer is here, which means it’s time for poolside hangs and new music! Slow Lights, an awesome 4-piece band out of the Baltimore area, has been picking up momentum on Spotify with their latest hit Portable Cabana’s. The bands tracks have been getting thousands of streams of Spotify and getting added to a bunch of fan playlists. It’s the perfect time to check them out! Slow Lights formed in 2013. Having written a multitude of original songs, Asa Kurland, teamed up with Felipe Cantuaria, Jason Altomare, Mike Pivik, and Troy Long to bring the tracks to life. Their classic instrumentation is centered around Asa’s acoustic songwriting and smooth indie tone. Slow Lights captures a coulful sound with a mix of rock and roll, funky rhythms, and the feel of an old school big band.

Portable Cabanas really makes you see how the band is described as a combination of rock, pop and horns leaning them to a bit of a jazz influence with a horn section. Portable Cabanas is now on Spotify, you can check it out here. You can also get a free download on Noisetrade. Hope you like it as much as I do! Looking forward to more from them!


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Popstar Melanie Taylor’s Talent Is Undeniable In Her New Single $$$$$ (Money) Now Available on iTunes

$$$$$_coverRising Popstar Melanie Taylor has just released her new single $$$$$ (Money) on iTunes. Melanie is such a versatile artist, her music ranging from lively upbeat songs like, $$$$$ (Money) and “Whatever”, all the way to profoundly lyrical songs such as “Give a Little”, and “Cease Fire”. After hearing “Cease Fire” it truly is no surprise that it placed top 40 in the National Indie Radio Charts, and top 200 in the National Pop Radio Charts. Melanie is definitely a new favorite of mine, and has been on every one of my playlists this summer. It ‘s clear to see has captivated the appreciation of tons of other people as well, as Melanie has already won Best New Artist, Best Pop Artist, Best Dance Artist, and Best Music Video. Want to know what I’m talking about first hand? Go ahead and download her single “$$$$$ (Money)” on iTunes and can also listen to it on Youtube. You won’t be disappointed!

Keep up with all things Melanie by connecting with her on her Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and her official website www.MelanieTaylorOfficial.com.

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Rock Artist Eric Dill Performing in Indianapolis May 18th – Join His Street Team to Keep Up-to-Date


Indianapolis based platinum singer / songwriter and rocker Eric Dill has just launched his new Official Street Team, “The VIGILAntes.”  You can join them on Facebook here.  For fans in the Indianapolis area, this might be your chance to meet Eric!  It sounds like he’ll be attending some of The VIGILAntes meetings.

Eric recently played a number of awesome concerts in the Indianapolis area, including a show at Sam Ash Indianapolis.  The next upcoming show is scheduled for May 18th, 2013, at Indianapolis’s historic Melody Inn Tavern.  To find out more about this concert, and any new upcoming scheduled concerts, visit Eric on Facebook here.

With increasing success in 2013, Eric is now charting in the Billboard Top 40 with his new single “In My Head.”  You can listen to and download all of Eric’s great songs and new album, “Forever Is Not Enough,” on iTunes here.  You can also connect with Eric on Facebook here.

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Young Long Island artist Mikel James Rises with Rock and Electronic Songs

Long Island native Mikel James has hit a perfect mix of balanced pop melodies and witty banter to his electronic/pop music in his album, “Perfect.” His vocal talent has won him many contests including: one sponsored by Wendy’s, Freecreditscore.com, Renew Life, Song of the Year Contest and more.

James’s popularity and notoriety is begin to soar in 2013 with a licensing deal with Division of Sound for his tracks “Never Say Never,” “Waiting” and “Runaway” which you can check out on iTunes. Also is under consideration of a deal with a licensing house that specializes in video and movies.

One of his songs, “Back to You” was selected for Rock Band 3; and subsequently made available for Rock Band Blitz. You can view a video of the game here and you can download the song from the Rock Band Network catalog (via Xbox 360, PlayStation 3) to begin rocking out with the band!

Hailing from NY, James and his 5 piece band play live in the Tri-State area.
Catch a glimpse of what you may be missing on YouTube here

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Indianapolis Rock Artist Eric Dill Breaks Into Top 40 Charts with Single In My Head

Sexy shirtless 65percent photo from photo shoot

Rock artist and platinum singer/songwriter Eric Dill will be performing his Top 40 charting single “In My Head” and his other great songs off of his newest album, Forever Is Not Enough, for fans all over the Indianapolis area this spring.  To check out his show lineup, including the March 16th date at Sam Ash Indianapolis, visit Eric on Facebook here.

Eric is all over Top 40 radio nationwide, and spins are picking up every day!  He’s experienced great success with his new single and video “In My Head,” which you can watch here.  The video has been picked up by a number of notable websites and cable and satellite programs.

Listen and download some of his other great songs and his new album, “Forever Is Not Enough,” on iTunes here. You can also connect with Eric on Facebook here.

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Eric Dill is Performing in Indianapolis and in YOUR House!


Eric Dill, an Indianapolis based platinum singer/songwriter, will play a Stage-it concert that will be broadcast online on April 13th! 100 lucky fans will be able to see him play in the comfort of their own homes.  Eric will perform in the recording studio where he rehearses, so fans will get an up close and personal show! The concert is on Saturday, April 13th, 8:00 to 8:30 PM PST. Find your correct time from your time zone here.  Tickets are only $10.00 each, so buy them while they last here

There’s going to be some special goodies available as well during the event… Stay tuned for more info. If you are in Indianapolis, Eric has a tour lined up for the area. To check for dates closest to you, go to his concert schedule here.

Eric is all over Top 40 radio nationwide, and spins are picking up every day!  He’s experienced great success with his new single and video “In My Head,” which you can watch here.  The video has been picked up by a number of notable websites and cable and satellite programs. 

Listen and download some of his other great songs and album on iTunes here.  You can also connect with Eric on Facebook here.

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