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Download New Music by Ariel, Zoey and Eli Vision: Chapter II, Produced by “Eye of the Tiger” Writer Jim Peterik on iTunes


Ariel, Zoey and Eli have teamed up with “Eye of the Tiger” writer Jim Peterik for their new EP “Vision: Chapter II.” This is the youth pop group’s follow up album to “Visions: Chapter 1” both on iTunes now! Being mentored and produced by a high caliber producer like Peterik is a dream come true for them.  The album features truly fantastic songs that will appeal to kids, teens, and even to adults.

The pop group has also really helped move forward the anti-bullying movement by spreading the word with their super catchy song “Hey Bully” off of their album. Not only is it full of powerful lyrics, but the music video really shows how much they care about the cause. AZ&E want their fans to know that nothing can hold them down! You can watch the new video for “Hey Bully” here at: http://bit.ly/AZE2_Hey-Bully

AZ&E are not only talented musically, but they are great TV personalities too! They star in their own Saturday morning show on NBC-TV called “Ariel, Zoey and Eli Too!” In addition to this TV show, they have another one in the works called “Steal the Show” that documents Ariel, Zoey, and Eli making their new album in the studio with their producer and Grammy award winning songwriter Jim Peterik!

Download your copy of “Vision: Chapter II” here at: http://bit.ly/iTunes_VisionChapterII. You can also watch a preview of Ariel, Zoey, Eli and Jim working on the album here at: http://bit.ly/AZE_Sizzler_Youtube. Connect with AZ&E on Twitter here: http://bit.ly/AZETwitter and Facebook here: http://bit.ly/AZEFacebook

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