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Do You Need Funding For Your Next Recording Session? Check Out Fan Funding On Whotune.com

Whotune.com, the one stop for the new music industry is pleased to announce a new ‘Fan Funding’ platform to its already impressive suite of tools for Unsigned & Independent artists music promotion. Now artists can create music projects for funding on a platform 100% dedicated to new music.

Funding on Whotune is unique in that it is the only funding platform that includes Unsigned artist radio stations, live webcam performances, music sales, extensive user profiles, global gig guide, contests, free app’s & much more! The benefits of this integration are obvious, artists can promote their music sales, gigs, perform live webcam shows & direct fans to help support their funding project while they are there on the site.

Whotune Founder & Managing Director Karl George commented, “Traditionally artists have had to create funding projects on sites that have a focus on the broader community not the music community so the music projects tend to get somewhat lost. On Whotune the funding platform is integral to all of the other tools & features we offer & music is the ONLY thing we do”.

Whotune is fast becoming the number 1 destination for Unsigned artists, fans of new music & music businesses, it’s suite of free tools for music promotion is unmatched & is growing rapidly, check it out on whotune.com .


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THE BEST Digital Distributor new accepting new Artists

As an Indie Artist, I’m sure you know its “buyer beware” when it comes to signing on for Digital Distribution. After “being taken for a ride” by a few others promising the moon, I FINALLY FOUND A DIGITAL DISTRIBUTION DEAL WORTH ITS WEIGHT IN GOLD.

http://www.GlobalTraxOnline.com has over 25 years experience distributing artists like Ben E. King, India.Arie, Martha Reeves, Duke Ellington, Sounds of Blackness, Willie Jolley, Joe Lovano and more. We paid just $25 (+ $10/month for 6 months) – totally doable – with 5 band members it was just $5 each up front and $2.00 a month and they distributed our digital CD to nearly 400 TOP digital and mobile stores like iTunes, TeamMobile, Rhapsody, eMusic, Beatport, Ruckus, Verizon Wireless, VirginMobile and more. They provided us a marketing campaign that we as a Band can implement, a barcode to track our royalty payments, and THIS IS SO GREAT – they answer our questions and offer advice on things we need day-to-day; via email on a regular basis – this is invaluable.

Go to http://www.GlobalTraxOnline.com and you can get going right away; then you’ll mail them your CD. Finally, its great to find a distributor that DELIVERS ON THEIR PROMISE! Nothing to loose, everything to gain.

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