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Taylor Spears Recommendations!

There’s this blog called Taylor Spears Recommends that I love!. The person who writes it (don’t know if it’s a male or female), calls them self the “Gifted Gifter” or the “Psychic Gift Predictor”. Taylor Spears is not exaggerating! I’ve been using the Music CD, Download and DVD gift recommendations from the blog http://taylorspearsrecommends.blogspot.com/

for nearly a year now, and it has NEVER steered me wrong on what music to buy. Most of the time, I don’t know what to buy for my nieces or nephews, or co-workers, etc., and their Top-10-CD-List, Top-10-Download-List & Top-10-DVD-List is broken down into age, gender and musical tastes which makes it really easy – and I’m able to hit the nail on the head every time! I’ve not found anything else on the Web that helps me thru the holidays and birthdays as this does.

You’ll find recommendations for kids (broken down by age), boys, girls, teens, men and women. They break it down by musical tastes – if the person you are buying it for likes Adult Contemporary, Alternative Rock, Ambient, Americana, Avant-Garde, Blues, Cajun, Celtic, Children’s, Christian, Classic Rock, Classical, Comedy, Country, Dance/Club, Easy Listening, Electronic, Environmental, Experimental, Folk/Bluegrass, Gay, Gospel, Goth & Industrial, Hip-Hop, Holiday, Indie Rock, Jambands, Jazz (Classical, Contemporary or Latin), Karaoke, Latin, Metal, New Age, Old Skool, Oldies, Opera, Pop, Punk & Hardcore, R & B, Rap, Reggae, Rock, Soul, Sound Effects, Soundtracks, Southern Rock, Spoken Word, Vinyl, Vocal, Women’s or World Music it breaks it down that way. It also tells you what other bands that person may listen to, to help guide you to the right gift for the right musical tastes.

This is so much more effective than shopping for gifts like jewelry, knick-knacks, clothes, etc., as with Taylor Spears Recommends, you KNOW it will fit their personality and they will love what you get them, plus it’s so much more personal than gift cards which scream “I didn’t really think about what to get you – I just got you the easiest thing I could find!”. People really appreciate the gift of music, especially if its music they LIKE! I wish I’d found Taylor Spears Recommends years ago!

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