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Singer Songwriter To Celebrate Big Milestone with New Album Release

A relentless fighter battled her way through a kidney transplant two years ago. September 27th will mark the anniversary of this endeavor for Leslie Cours Mather, and to celebrate her triumphs she will be releasing a powerful album entitled “I’m A Survivor” on September 28th. Leslie’s songs are filled with inspiring lyrics that tell her life story and the hardships that she went through. Whenever I listen to her, I can’t help but feel happy and motivated because no matter what life throws at Leslie, she will always be motivated to fight through.

The bravery and resilience of Mather will continue to shine even after her incredible adult contemporary album is released. In the months following her release, Leslie will be performing at multiple Kidney Walk events hosted by the National Kidney Foundation. The Kidney Walks will be in Irvine, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas. Her performances will be perfect for these events because, being that she’s gone through a kidney transplant herself, her music can be a beacon of hope to all of those who have to go through what she went through. Whether you want to hear great music, or walk and support a great cause, you should definitely try and participate in one of these Kidney Walks!

Be sure to follow her on Facebook and Spotify to keep updated on the latest and greatest from Leslie! If you’re as excited as I am, you can preorder her album here! For more information about Leslie Cours Mather’s participation in the Kidney Walks for the National Kidney Foundation, click here.

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Country Band Jagertown Featured Artist on Front Page of Think Country This Week

If you’re looking your favorite dynamic country rock band, look no further than Jagertown who just released their newest song “Rearview.” Reminds us of the timeless and well-known country band, Zac Brown Band! Jagertown was just interviewed by Think Country, a UK publication, while the band was at Country Radio Seminar 2018. Such a great interview! You can check it out here.

Stay connected with Jagertown and watch out for their music releases like their new song “Rearview” available on YouTube.   You can get the single or the album on Google Play or iTunes .


RearView 1600x1600

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Join the Jagernation with Jagertown’s New Country Single Rearview on YouTube

Fellow fans of quality and timeless country music! I’m so glad to tell y’all that the future of country is finally here! The band Jagertown is now my go-to! They’ve been around for nearly 12 years but honestly I never listened to them before and with their most recent single Rearview; honestly I’m a new resident of Jagernation!

I found a sweet video on YouTube here .  If you pre-order the Rearview EP you can get the title track for FREE on Google Play here !

Their website says they’re the National Ambassadors of the infamous Fan Fest with big names being held in Utah in July this year – Brett Eldredge is this year’s headliner! Their energy is amazing and if I could describe them more to y’all I’d say they’re kinda like Blake Shelton or a modern version of Johnny Cash, but with their own unique modern edge. Go check them out!

RearView 1600x1600

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Rearview by Jagertown Is Changing the Country Music Game

My fellow country fans you guys are going to love this, I just heard the best break up song EVER it’s so refreshing!! It’s called Rearview by Jagertown I just heard it on this Country Music radio station, and the song has been stuck in my head all day, and I’m not even mad about it. Of course I had to find out as much as I could about the band but all I was able to find was the song is off an album from the same name that doesn’t come out till next week. But I did find a music video, which I will put right here, to help a friend out. Doesn’t this sound like the perfect mash up of Blake Shelton and some classic rock? That fiddle really makes me wish it was in all music.

RearView 1600x1600.png

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